About ‘United in Red, White, and Blue’

Pats’ fans, we’ve been challenged to tackle hunger in our communities!

United Methodist Seattle fans think that they are Super Good at Super Giving, and that they can collect more donations for food pantries before the Super Bowl than we can. Well, we’re throwing a flag on that play!

Between this moment and the end of the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 1, it’s on! Your job: to collect as much food for a food pantry/shelf in your community as you possibly can, and add up the total number of items for a touchdown. Need to go for the conversion? Not a problem; tabulate your monetary donations as well, since every point matters.

Churches and organizations can volunteer to serve as donation sites, and then pass the food on (or hand it off, or hand it off and then surprise everyone by passing it as well), but remember the goal is to do a Super Act of kindness for our communities, so the donations can go to any pantry you choose.

patsfoodUse this site to locate a participating church or donation site, to view suggested donations, and to report back your tallies. Remember to check your food for expiration dates– we don’t want any allegations that our equipment isn’t regulation.

Everyone wins when the people of The United Methodist Church work together in our communities! But here in New England and around the world, we know that patriot pride will carry the day. See you in the end zone!

We are not affiliated with the N.F.L. or any team therein, and we welcome the donations of anyone and everyone who wants to participate. 


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